Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clothes for your Journey Girl

Simplicity Patterns for 18" dolls. 
Aurora has a Journey Girl, and Grace and Caitlin each have an American Girl.  They are very similar in size.  A couple of months ago I bought these doll clothes patterns and with Aurora visiting this weekend, it was time to try out a couple of the patterns.

Kelsey Doll with hoodie, and
Dora PJ Bottoms
It was fun project for us.  The patterns are as complicated a making full size clothes, but they really do turn out cute, and are a good fit.


Anonymous said...

You are such a fun grammy! Lucy

Karen said...

One of the pleasures of my childhood - making doll clothes with my Gram. Mind you, it was Barbie back then. I still have all the clothes she made - both sewn and knitted. I bet Aurora was thrilled! I echo Lucy's words about what a fun grammy you are.