Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whoopie Pies

Whoopie Pies.  This was our first time making them.  I have to tell you, they were so much fun to make with kids.  I used to see giant whoopie pies in the cafeteria where I worked, but would never dream of eating one.  Can you just imagine the calories in them.   

I bought this little babycakes whoopee pie maker home with me from down south.   It makes nice reasonable size ones.   

Grace and Aurora absolutely loved making them.  Of course, some whoopie pies were sent home with the kids so others could enjoy them too.
We used a recipe that came with the babycakes machine, but the batch was very small. It made about 10 cookies. I had to make a second batch so we could sample and send some home with the kids.   I would double or triple it next time.  Or I might even try Wilton's Whoopie Pie recipe.  It's slightly different.

Our assembly line had me operating the hot whoopie pie maker, Grace put yummy icing on one side of one cookie, and Aurora put the other cookie on the top and gave a little squish.   A perfect team wouldn't you say.


Linda H said...

Ooooh they look sooo good, I haven't had a Whoopie Pie in many years. What is the filling? Is it an icing or a whipped cream mixture?

Karen said...

I used to make these with my boys when they were little and it was a ball. Yours are so uniform and perfect looking! Another Grammie star for your lapel, Gail.

Kathy said...

Um,ummm...look yummy! Maybe a treat for the Friday girls someday,with icing not whipped cream in the middle, to comfort my sweet tooth...teeth!