Friday, June 6, 2014

I've been Featured

As you probably know, the Stan Cassidy Center here in Fredericton does amazing work.  It's a world known re-hab center for those with physical disabilities and serves the whole province of New Brunswick.

This week, I've been featured as a volunteer on the blog of the Stan Cassidy Foundation website.   I'm honored.    I'm not a regular volunteer, or even a BIG volunteer.  I quietly sit in the background and help where I can.

One Happy and Mobile Aurora
I'll tell you a little story of how I really appreciated the center's help a couple of years ago.  When grand-daughter Aurora was only 3, she fell in the playground and broke her foot.   She was laid up.  Because she was so small, and wasn't mobile, she could not go to day-care.  Her mother needed to work, so Aurora came to stay with me for a few days while we figured all this out.  She had to be carried everywhere.

Well my friend, Kathy put me in contact with the Stan Cassidy Center where I arranged to borrow a child size walker.   She was fitted and we came home with a now mobile kid.  (I blogged about it here in 2011). We were all so relieved.  Within a day, she went back to day-care, with her walker and was the hit.  I was so pleased that the Stan Cassidy center was here and so uncomplicated.

Would you go read the Stan Cassidy blog article and leave a comment on their blog to tell us if you have been helped by the center in a small or big way.    (They love comments).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being recognized for being a very generous and giving individual. I am very proud to call you my friend. What you have done for this organization as well as the many other charities, certainly is deserving of recognition. Congratulations and well done.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for organizing this fundraising project for Stan Cassidy Centre. You are a most giving and generous individual and very deserving of such recognition. Our community is very fortunate in that you support not only this organization, but many others throughout this city. You are a most deserving individual. The article on the blog was very well done. Great work!

Kathy said...

Very nice Gail, you deserve the recognition. Thanks for all that you do for our community, and SCCR.