Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm making a List!

The Cotton Mill Quilt Guild's annual Christmas pot luck and silent auction of gifty handmade items made by members, is not far away.  It's just a little over two  away.    I love to make items for this auction because the money raised goes to purchase supplies to make quilts given to cancer patients.  

So my fun goal over the next couple of weeks is to make 10 items.   Most of them you've seen me make before, but it's always fun to make them again, from new fabrics.

I'm making a list and I'll start to dig out the fabrics.  I am going to make one item each day.   Most will be sewn, and there may be a knitted item or two.   

I'm open to ideas.    When you go to a crafty sale, what items would you splurge on for a good cause?   

Watch Sunday for my first item.   


L Bourque said...

The adorable needlework kit would be a perfect gift for that special person. I also believe your famous wallet would be quite a hot item.

Kathy said...

Good thinking Lucy! I look for functional items too. Also T Christmastime I look for tree decorations. Actually anything you make Gail, will be HOT items!