Saturday, November 29, 2014

St. Dunstan's Quilt 2015 - Week 5

Not too much progress to report this week.   We had two nights and two days without power and it's just today that I'm getting up and running again.

But the little progress I made before the power outage this week was that I did get the blocks sewn into rows.  And those rows have been pinned together to sew.   This coming week will see the rows sewn together and I will definitely be on the homestretch if I get one or two of the borders on.

I will be presenting this quilt top to the quilters on December 11th.  They have invited me to their Christmas luncheon on that day and will give me lots of time to make the binding and the label as well.

Have a great week and stay warm.

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Lee said...

This has such nice open hand quilting space. I hope the ladies feel inspired. I must look at my meagre stencil supply to see if I might offer something.