Sunday, April 26, 2015

Elm City's Smart Wallet Class

We had another successful wallet day yesterday.  The Elm City Quilters are a very experienced group of quilters.   They live handy to me, so I drop in on them when they have their work days once in a while.  In addition to a nice little bit of socializing, they do everything that is current and many projects that are favorite classics.    
Marj giving assisting Christine, while Lucy watches too.  
Elm City invited me to teach a wallet class yesterday.  There was 14 in the class and I am so  pleased to report that they all got their wallets done.   A special thanks to Super Sewer, Marj who helped a few of the girls through some tight spots. And isn't that the beauty of doing this type of complicated class in a guild workshop setting. You will get help one way or another.   You might want to know, that with Marj's help, Christine was the first one finished in this Wallet class.   Great work and a beautiful wallet Christine!!!      

Charlotte was very focused.  
Her wallet was made out of Laurel Burch cat fabric.

Now that's concentration Sandra T.  

Voila, 14 wallets.  Done by the end of the day.
(ok.... I'm only counting 12, who's missing?)
Do you think Blue Batik  is a popular color? :)
My next local wallet class is July 17th.   It is part of the EdVentures program here in the City.   If you are interested, here is the link that you can forward to a friend.

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