Friday, April 17, 2015

Presenting - Attic Windows - by the St. Anthony's Quilters

Dolly, Alice, Alice, Paulette, Doris
A great Quilting Team at St. Anthony's

While I was away this winter, the St. Anthony's Quilters spent their Wednesday afternoons stitching away at this sweet Attic Windows Quilt.    This single bed size quilt top was pieced and donated by Willa MacLean.   I went to quilt this week with the girls and was so thrilled that it was just being finished and it came off the frame that day.  I will bind it this week after I find some dark blue fabric  
This quilt will be raffled off by the church committee starting later this summer.     Many thanks to Willa and the St. A. Quilters....  We will put another quilt on next week.   Stand-by to see that one..  It's nice.

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