Sunday, November 22, 2015

Doing the Highland Fling

I haven't knit in months.   I thought I would get some knitting in this summer at Grammie Camp, but we were too busy.   So I never got to scratch my knitting itch.   

Last winter, at a sewing class that I was teaching ,I noticed a couple of girls wearing a nice hand knit scarf or shawlette.   I really thought it was nice.... it showed off the regular old garter stitch, but had bobbles and a fun edging detail.   I filed it away in the back of my mind, and thought I'll find the pattern and do it some time.     Well the cool weather is here and after searching for the pattern without success I asked my friend, Margie for the name of the pattern.     There it was, right on Ravelry.  I just didn't have the right name....  which is Highland Fling...  See it here on Ravelry.

Ahh, it feels good to knit in the evenings.  It shouldn't take very long to knit...  maybe a week if I do a bit every evening...    I'll check in at the half way point.

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