Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Here's Your Pants Back!

Last week while making wallets to go to Nova Scotia, I made a special one for my friend Willa.

Willa's Wallet with still more wool fabric.
Still enough for 3 more wallets
See, last winter, I was looking for wool pants to recycle into wallets.  I didn't find too much while scouring the thrift stores.  But in the spring, my friend Willa brought me a pair of her husband's pants that he no longer wears. They are a beautiful 100% wool in light grey.   He was a travelling businessman, and these pants were custom made for him in China a few decades ago.

A peek inside the wallet shows
the blue/grey batik.  

Well, she wasn't out the door and I had the pants de-constructed and the rescued fabric in the sink soaking in a mild detergent.  (you know, just in case she changed her mind and wanted the pants back, I'd better act quick :)).   In my recent wallet making spree, I cut a couple of  wallets kits out of the wool fabric pieces.   I decided to make one for Willa.   She hasn't seen it yet but she and her husband are coming for supper tonight.   I will give it to her, and say "here's your husbands pants back!"

 If you know Willa and her hubby, you know they will get a big kick out of it.


Sheila said...

Great job, Willa is going to be pleased with hers. May I ask what pattern you are using.

paulette said...

Hey, I am removing my pants as I write this...what's your address? haha These wallets are incredible! WOW! Your friend is going to be over the moon!

Kathy said...

There will be a great story for Willa to tell with her amazing "joie de vive" and sense of humour! Love the wallet! Mine is actually wearing out...gulp.

Donna Peters said...

I love this wallet, and your little surprise for Willa... hee hee