Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fancy Forest - My Summer Project

I bought this fabulous Fancy Forest pattern yesterday.   I just love Elizabeth Hartman's patterns.  This is the first one for me.   I've seen individual fox quilts, individual rabbit quilts and even individual owl quilts, but this pattern has them all.

It's a big undertaking.   I wonder if any of my friends would like to play along with me.   I am thinking of starting a Wednesday morning group at the Ville just to do this over the summer.   We'll work together... not sure how, but it would be fun to have a little motivation to get it done.

Besides the background neutral fabric, the pattern calls for 40 fabrics.   Both plain and printed.  

A not-so-quick trip to the quilt shop and I came out with 13 of the 40 fabrics needed.  These are mostly plain fabrics.  The printed fabric will take a little more time.  I'll pick away at it, and my goal is to have all 40 fabrics before heading north next month.   I was too tired to look any more, so I can see that this will take a few trips to shops to get the fabrics.

If you think you'd like to join me on Wednesdays starting in mid-May in the Sewing Room at the Ville.  Drop me a comment or email.  We'll see if we can organize a fun group.


Andrea R said...

LOVE her patterns, I've done quite a few and I'm just finishing up the fox quilt.

Not sure I'm up for this one though. :/

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gail. I think I am interested in this project for the summer! The quilt looks adorable. Maybe we could get Judy Seely to join too! Jeanne Kaye

Lee said...

And not one of the 40 fabrics could come from your stash?! Hmm...sounds like a shopping excuse. Not that I'm against a shopping excuse...