Friday, March 25, 2016

You know it's getting close

Well, you know the time here in Florida is winding down when you are getting to the bottom of your King Cole Tea box.  I have just enough to do me the next couple of weeks.  

Everywhere we go, you now hear conversations, "When are you leaving?"  In our community, I think 75% of the residents head north in late March, April or early May at the latest.

At the sewing group the other day, we were all engaged in these conversations.  One gal, has a 10 day RV trip home to Canada.  She was planning her small crafts to do on the way home to PEI.    It's a Japanese braiding technique called Kumihimo.  I thought it was a great idea to pass the long drive home.    Lots of people do this braiding technique, and it's particularly popular here and there's lots of help to get started.

So I've bought some kumihimo supplies.   I will need to do a practice braid or two before leaving.   My friend Betty T. is helping me to do a simple necklace with beads project so I can learn the technique.  Then I'll be all set to do a couple of kits for my travel home.  

Last week, I had people in for supper, and one couple brought us a small box of Godiva Chocolates.  The chocolates were smooth and creamy, and utterly divine.   But not only that, but the left over gold box is perfect to keep my travel beading all in one place.

The countdown is on.  We leave in three weeks


Donna Peters said...

that sounds so fun. the little braiding project.

Lee said...

Ha! I'd be counting King Cole tea bags, too!

Connie said...

When my daughter moved to the west coast we sent out two big boxes of King Cole Tea. We are visiting there now and I noticed one full box left. They don't drink tea but we never leave home without our King Cole. See you soon Gail!