Thursday, December 8, 2016

Can you ever have enough Thread!!

Today I received a box full of Wonderfil Threads from the Wonderfil Canada folks.  

See, Wonderfil Canada are sponsoring my 4 classes at Quilt Canada next June, by providing all the students thread that is required for the classes.   I thought that was very nice of them.  They even sent me threads to test out as I make my new class samples.   I received piecing thread, machine quilting thread, very light weight quilting thread, and pre-would bobbins.    I have to tell you that pre-wound bobbins are my addiction.   I only ever use black or white because I buy them by the 144 case.   I'm so pleased to see the grey, cream and blue bobbins in my  package.💓

So, all this a good job for when I'm away in Florida..  This has got me in the mood to start packing up projects.  I certainly don't want to forget anything...  

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