Monday, December 12, 2016

Mr. Fleming's Beads

While Aurora was here last week making gingerbread cookies, she asked if I could make her teacher a gift, like I did last year...    Her teacher's name is Mr. Fleming.   Now, right away, I thought to myself.... Mr. Fleming.....I've not made a male teacher gift  before.   I asked Aurora what I should make, and in her mind, there was no question....  she wanted a Pencil Case with his name on it...  Now to me, it's such a great gift for a girl teacher, but I wonder if it will be too girly for Mr. Fleming. 

Well, I wrapped my head around it, and the reason I do this, is to reinforce the good feelings of gift giving to Aurora.   So with Aurora in mind, I made Mr. Fleming's pencil case.  

Oh my, which beads to put on the pencil case for Mr. Fleming
Next,  I question if I should put my signature beads on the zipper pull.   Why not?   I decided to put darker colored beads.   If he doesn't want beads he can cut them off...😏😏😏  

Merry Christmas Mr. Fleming.   


Linda H said...

I'm sure Mr. Fleming will be thrilled. I doubt there are many teachers who get hand crafted gifts anymore.

Donna Peters said...

I love mine. I was showing it off, just the other day!! Mr. Fleming will love it.