Friday, July 7, 2017

Where do you Love Knitting? thought they'd like to work with me by sponsoring some of my knitting.  It's the best kind of partnership.   They provide the yarn and I knit what ever I want to!!   Awesome!    I didn't know what yarns they were sending me so waited until I received the yarn to research what I would knit.

Well, I received the yarn and was I ever delighted!   The yarn is the Paintbox brand.  I've seen it advertised but never had the opportunity to use it.  They are two different lighter weights of yarn.  One is 5 shades fine DK cotton yarn and I know what I'm going to knit with it.  I'll share in a few days once I get started.  

The other is 5 shades of 100 gram Double Knitting (DK), that use a size 4 mm knitting needle. That's my favorite size needle.   

I do have a few small things on my knitting to-do list, but I've been having fun searching through Ravelry's and's patterns, for projects that would be perfect.   I've got it narrowed down to a poncho, shawl or shawlette.    I have a dozen patterns flagged.   Now, from that dozen, it's a matter of looking at the patterns to make sure there's nothing too complicated.    I'll narrow it down to my top three soon.   

For now, have a look at these yummy skeins of yarn.   In a couple of days, I'll share my top three shawl designs, and ultimately the one I've chosen.  

Thanks for making my summer knitting more interesting.  

Stay tuned...

PS: I Love Knitting on the couch while watching TV.    Where do you Love Knitting?


Donna Peters said...

I too knit on the couch, watching TV. I love your yarn.. how fun

Kathy Anderson said...

I love knitting on the verandah of my camp deep in the woods, early in the morning when I get up, 2 dogs by my feet, listening to the birds in the trees, and the hum of the mosquitoes...