Friday, June 15, 2018

Step it Up Knit Shawl II

Knitting in the evenings is something I do when it's cool in our family room.   We watch TV or Netflix and I like to have some handwork on the go.

This week I finished off a nice warm shawl scarf.   I cannot not wear any more shawls myself... I have three that I love on the go, and now my new woven one.   So I think I'll put this one away for a winter gift.

This asymmetrical shawl is knit using the free "Step it up Knit Shawl" pattern on Ravelry.  I love the zig zag edge, and I put picot points on the top edge. 

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Stitch gal said...

Your newest shawl scarf is very nice. Your yarn choice is very interesting and lovely. I've made one myself but have never worn it. Perhaps if I were to acquire a shawl pin I might wear it. Your accomplishments continue to amaze me. Luggage tags are also a very special gift for your granddaughter. I had forgotten how sweet the tags are. I was not able to one the link to your tutorial.