Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Luggage Tag Link Fixed

I hadn't realized that the link to the Luggage Tag was broken.   It's fixed now.  Thanks to those who commented last week.    See the sidebar, and if its not working again, leave me a comment.    thanks

And I now make my tags with a tag shape.  I explain how I use a template to trace and sew off the corners here.

Here are a few hints for you while they are still fresh in my head from last week. 

  • I use very heavy gauge clear vinyl for the window part.    I made a few with a remnant of lighter vinyl, and they were flimsy and I had a harder time to control the vinyl fabric from waving as I sewed over it.   So choose heavy vinyl.
  • I now don't worry about having the interfacing in the seam. I cut my interfacing  piece around 3.5" wide and let the interfacing go in the seam.  I find it's quicker to just maintain the 1/4" stitch from the edge of the tag fabric and not worry about stitching very close to the edge of the interfacing.  This also ensures that the interfacing is stitched down and stable and makes turning the tag inside out a breeze.
  • Make sure you use a scant 1/4" on your tag tail.  I found that to turn my tube with the straw trick, it was hard to push the straw through if I was just a tad over 1/4".  So now I'm careful to do a scant seam.




snowdraak said...

The luggage tag link works but the does not. Any ideas?
Your quilting is beautiful!

GailM. said...

The link has now been updated. The new link is