Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grammie Camp 2013 was so much fun.

Official Grammie Camp 2013 photo
I can't believe it's all over.   We had such a fun week.  These kids are so good and are game for anything.   We had some rain, but it's not going to get in the way of anyone having fun. We got most of the activities in without a problem.  

Do you like our official camp T-shirt?  We made these tye-dyed heart shirts using a special technique.  Amazingly simple.

A big Thank You to my sister who comes all the way from Nova Scotia to help me with Grammie Camp.   Without her, it would not happen.  She helped me plan the crafts, the art lessons, the treasure hunt, the mystery, and the games.

Notice Grampie in these pictures too.  With the 8 of us going through 3 meals and 3 snacks each day, he was the key to making sure all the meals and campfire activities were taken care of.  Yeah Grampie.

Some of you follow me on Facebook and got a play by play of some the activities during the week.  My sister was right on the ball and did lots of photo documenting with her iPhone and tagged me.  Yeah.  That saved me from doing it too.    But for those who don't follow me on FB, I'll put up  some pictures over the next few days.

Love Pencil Cases
Love Cookies
We loved that our theme was LOVE.   In addition to all the banana bread and cinnamon bread and muffins etc,  I made lots of heart sugar cookies, and the kids LOVED the LOVE cookies that I made with my favorite letter cookie cutters.  (thanks again Lee).

Whew, that was fun.  I'll show more photos later on.

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Friendship Crossing said...

Looks like everyone had a blast!! I am going to 'borrow' your idea someday down the road and have a grammie camp of my own! LOL