Monday, February 17, 2014

Getting beyond my Mental Block!

As you know, I've been working on the A - Z Block of the month project from the Quilt Show.   I've been struggling with the first block - the A block.  It's been a Mental Block to me....   It's been sitting on my ironing board for a couple of weeks.   To get past it, I set it aside.

This week, I went forward with the other two blocks that were in the January instructions.  That helped.  This gave me the energy to tackle the A block once again.  This morning, I took a deep breath and talked myself into finishing the A block... It took 10 minutes.  It's done.  Yippee.   What a relief.    I will machine applique on the fused letters when I get home in the spring.  I have a very limited stash of threads with me here in Florida.

Now I can start the February blocks.  I might actually get them done in February.


Linda H said...

Very nice Gail!

Kathy said...

Good job! Still haven't decided if I will make them...which I had best do...decide I mean. Colours are my hang up.