Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Home made salsa.

I'm back from our vacation from our vacation.  The cruise was lovely.  The new Royal Princess ship has lots of modern amenities that we love.  I don't think we will enjoy going on older cruise ships now that we have recently been on two new cruise ships in the last few months.

Well all that being said, we back at our home away from home, and are well back into our routine of daily exercise and eating healthy.   Although, we don't dare weight ourselves until a week has gone by.

This is an exciting week for us, since two of our girls are coming to Florida to visit.  No kids, no husbands.   They are just coming for some R and R and sun of course.  They promised their kids they would not do anything fun like Legoland or Disney..teehee.  

In preparation for their visit, I thought I'd make some fresh restaurant style salsa using mostly local grown ingredients using this recipe.   My friend Kathy F. would not like this because she has a strong aversion to it, but  I just couldn't resist raiding my friends garden where I picked a big bunch of cilantro.  I picked star fruit and com quoits too but that doesn't go in the salsa.

The salsa is now made and it's mellowing in the fridge awaiting my visitors tomorrow.

My taste tester says it's a bit spicy, but that's the way it's supposed to be.

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Kathy said...

The Salsa looks delish, but you are right...I would refrain rather than taste any cilantro!!😳