Friday, January 24, 2014

A - Z for Ewe and Me - Block of the Month

Back of my Canada Day Quilt so far.
I've been working away at three projects here in my home away from home.   I am making good progress on my Canada Day quilt.   It's layered and pin basted.  And I have begun machine quilting it using my trusted old Pfaff.  With the small throat on the machine, it's going slower than I planned, but it will get done sooner or later..

I also have the 48 x 60" Paper Hearts quilt top all sewn up and ready for layering and pinning.   That was the quickest little quilt to sew up.  It helps that this is a big block quilt.  Those 12 inch blocks sew up quickly.   I have another Paper Hearts kit ready to sew up but I'll wait until later on to do that one.

I'm really excited to do my first ever block of the month project.  It's the A - Z for Ewe and Me by "The Quilt Show".   I purchased all the fabrics to do the January, February and March blocks.  

But I'm off to a slow start.   With the A block there was a mistake in the pattern, so I had to re-do the center part of the block.  And then I made a mistake in trimming the center points, so now I have to do it again.... Grrrr....    I hate doing things over.... Do you?    But I will do it in the next day or two and finish the other two letters for the January blocks.    

We are going away for a week, and when we get back, the February blocks will be published, so hopefully those will go smoother.


MissesStitches said...

I like your quilting on the Canada Day quilt. Love your heart quilt. I love those big block projects, too! Hang in there with your TQS BOMs!

Kathy said...

Hope your cruise was a great one!
With the TQS BOM, did they print a correction for block one? Or did you just find it? What colours are you using on it? I am still deciding!