Thursday, January 16, 2014

Paper Hearts Quilt

When I got here two weeks ago, I had the notion that I would sew one project and completely finish it before starting another.  Well, that idea lasted one and a half weeks.   I have my sisters Canada Day quilt top done, and the batt and backing is ready.  But I've been too busy to take all this over to the community center (where they have big tables) to layer and pin baste it.   The community center is quite busy this week, so I have to wait until the weekend to do it.

In my small bits of spare time this week, I took out project number two and started.   It's the Paper Hearts quilt by Tula Pink.   Last month, I did a prototype block using my less-waste method of sewing the hearts.   Well, that method turned out to be not only less wasteful, but super quick.  I have 32 half-hearts all sewn up and got laid out the quilt on the spare bed.     It's really cute.  I brought two of these kits with me, so I'll wait and do the next one next month.

I am enjoying having the sewing machine set up in the dining room all the time.   If I am waiting for 10 minutes for anything, while I wait, I sew a bit.  Really, it's amazing what you can get done in 10 minutes.  

But the sewing machine comes down this afternoon since we're having company for supper and we need to use it.   But by 9 am tomorrow, you can bet that  the sewing machine will be set back up in its home away from home.    :)


Colleen Gander said...

I'm loving the lobster fabric in your hearts quilt. It would work very well into a small project I am creating for my husband at the moment. Hope you are getting great weather.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I love that Canada Day quilt

Kathy said...

Besides sewing, I wonder what you are super busy doing? Missed you at my house last Friday!
We had a car breakdown Saturday,towed, but still hope to get to CMQG today! I will take my own pics so I can blog, none came last month.:(