Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tomorrow I Sew!!

Happy New Year!

We are all settled into our place in Central Florida.  I've got my sewing room sort of set up.   But have been to busy to actually sew.  I thought I'd show you some random pictures from the last couple of weeks...

The stormy weather delayed the Christmas visit of Jess and Emily, so
I made these tree cookies for the kiddos all by myself.  

I had Christmas goodie bags all ready for the kids to take home
after their visit on Christmas Eve.

After our first few hours of our three day journey south, I snapped
this picture of the icy trees along the highway in Maine.   So pretty. 

The welcome wagon at our Florida Home away from Home!

A close up.  So green, so small, so cute!!

Now, the fun begins.
Today, a shopping trip at Joann Fabrics.  55% off all
these goodies.  I got DMC floss for my Snowmen A to Zzzz project, serger thread, yoyo maker,
quilting gloves, a big pack of Size 1 pins, sewing thread, a Kwik Klip,
and Sulky Size A prewound bobbins.

Tomorrow I sew!


Sally Hurley said...

Those cookies look awesome!

Lee said...

Too funny - I Googled Kwik Klip (missed seeing your link) and got a device for fast loading your rifle. Don't think that's the one you meant!

You'll have to demonstrate how it works differently than a grapefruit spoon.