Saturday, February 22, 2014

TQS BOM - February B, C and D blocks done

The Quilt Show's Block of the Month quilt is coming along nicely now for me. Last week, once I moved off the problem A block, I found it was easy to take one block at a time and work on it.    After the slow start in January, I am thrilled at how easy the February blocks went.  
I really love this design.     I have a week before the next blocks are published (March 1)  Even then, I've decided that I won't do them for a week or so two after the instructions are released.  If any problems are identified, the quilters are quick to point out errors. 

I had initially thought I would do the applique of the letters when I get home, since that's where my thread stash is.  But since I have lots of time before I start the March blocks, I thought I'd pick up four or five small spools of colored thread and do the stitching on the fused letters.  

The pattern suggests that the applique stitching be done in a color that coordinates with the block.  I would have done it in black so it would not be noticeable.    So colored threads are a bit of a bold move in my books but I will give it a try to see how I like it.    Stay tuned.


Linda H said...

Gail, I'm loving your blocks! Great job. I think I'd choose black thread too, but will be anxious to see how you like the colored thread...

Lee said...

Too funny - I could have placed a bet and won that you would break down and buy thread to get these done. lol! The blocks look sweet.