Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wedding Crafts - Part 2

This little wedding bear is not new.  she was made when our middle daughter got married over 15 years ago.   We made bears for the wedding party and used them for a decoration for her guestbook.   Last week, when I was looking around for decorations for Patience's wedding, this white little bear was just perfect to sit on a table.   She did not have a veil until I quickly whipped one up out of toule.    At the end of the day, I was pleased to have a place to put my Mother of the Bride corsage.  I just love this.  

This fun little poem that goes with the traditional Jordan Almonds gift was fun to make with all my quilters tools.   Just so you know, a bag of Wilton Jordon Almonds has about 120 almonds in it.  This will make 24 little favors.

The poem goes like this.

Five sugared almonds 
  for each guest to eat 
To remind us that life 
  is both bitter and sweet. 
Five wishes for the new  
  husband and wife - 
Health, wealth, happiness, 
  children, and a long life!

With your applique mini-iron
heat set a glue backed crystal.
Print out and cut using
Rotary cutter


Anonymous said...

You came up with some fabulous and very unique ideas. Love this little wedding bear.

Linda H said...

Love the bear, and the verse for the almonds is perfect!