Friday, August 29, 2014

Wedding Crafts - Part 3

Wedding Fans.  

One day last month the triplets helped me make wedding fans.  Between the four of us, we got all 40 of the fans cut out and scored for easy folding and finishing.   We used heavier weight scrapbook paper.

To finish the fans, a small elastic was used to hold the fan folded paper.  

Blue glue was used to join the two sides of the now accordion folded fan together.

After that glue dried,  coffee sticks were added to the bottom of each side of the fan with the same blue glue.

As you can see I'm using my nice clover clips to hold the sticks on the fan while the glue dries.

After the glue is all dried, I bring the two coffee sticks together and put an elastic on the handle to hold it in place.   I like to play with the elastic and make like ballerina ribbons.  So cute.  

The weather on the day of the wedding was beautiful and warm.  It was warm in the church and warm at our back yard garden party.  We loved that.  The fans were really appreciated and put to good use.  A good idea.

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Linda H said...

OMG! You are just too much! You thought of everything!!! When do we get to see the bride??!!