Monday, October 20, 2014

How can a broken needle be a good thing?

We are in Moncton staying with grand daughters while mom and dad are cruising in Europe.  I hesitate to say babysitting because we've not done a dish since we are here.  The kids are awesome.   They work the Netflix for us; take us on our daily 5k walk so we don't get lost, manage the garbage because they have different rules than what we are used to, and help us find things like the sugar.

Since we will be here for a few days before the other grandparents come to relieve us, I thought I'd bring along the dancers quilt to work on while here.     I was making good progress when I heard a loud snap ..  Gesh ....  Broken needle.  My fabric folded under and I hit a darn safety pin.  It took me half an hour to unpick the folded under fabric, and then I had no spare sewing machine needle.  I run to the Quiltery to get needles.   As I'm browsing the fabric, who do I see in the classroom, but a bunch of quilters from the Keswick guild.   They were doing a pfaff club project.  How fun to have a quick chit chat with them since I'm doing the program at their guild in a couple of weeks.  So if I hadn't had a broken needle, I wouldn't have had the nice little visit.

I'm making good progress.   I've done a lot of the outlining and I'm starting to quilt the background.  I'm using swirls around the trees.  I'm undecided if I will quilt the trees.  They are quite puffy.  I'll sleep on it and let you know what I decide.

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Colleen said...

I can't say for sure if these would be the same ladies met yesterday but they might be. Let me explain, I usually read your blog from my home in Ontario. Right now, I am on the road. Yesterday, our stopover in Sussex coincided with a quilter's retreat and I popped my head into the busy workroom where the ladies were sewing away. They told me the retreat was hosted by the Covered Bridge. Then this morning, I was in Moncton but the driver said there was no time to stop at the quilt shop. He says it's too funny that through blogging I have more contacts in Eastern Canada than he has business colleagues.