Monday, October 6, 2014

Loaf Liners - a good idea

It's time to get back in the groove after our fabulous vacation.   I must say that Scotland and Ireland delivered everything I expected.  It was a wonderful experience.  Both the tour and the Ryder Cup experience.  

I thought I'd share something that I've never seen before around here.   These are loaf liners.  Like cupcake liners but for sweetbread loaves, like a banana bread or fruitcake.   

I bought this package if 15 loaf tin liners at the Pound Store in Scotland.  It's like our dollar store.    I'm going to make a couple of pumpkin breads today.   
Have you ever seen these?  I think I'm going to really like them for making my fruitcakes this year.  For me, the worst part of making a fruitcake is lining the pan with parchment.   
If you have ever bought these before, I'd love to know where you got them.  I have a feeling I'm going to really like using them and will want more.


Kathy said...

What a great idea...and no, I have never seen them here!

Four dogs and one quilter said...

I bought mini loaf liners at JoAnns but didn't notice if the carry the full size ones.Very handy to make snack size banana bread.