Friday, September 12, 2014

Scotland and Ireland - here we come

We are heading out on a nice vacation tomorrow.  We're flying to the UK and taking an escorted highlights tour of Scotland and Ireland.  This will be followed by a week in Glasgow, Scotland.  

While in Glasgow, we'll be attending the Ryder Cup Golf Match.   There's lots of excitement around this match because it is only played every two years.  It alternates between a USA city and a European City.  As part of the event, we'll be attending a big Ryder Cup Opening Gala Concert where we will hear live bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and many local bands.  We will also get to meet the celebrity golfers and just be part of the wind-up.

My husband is a golf enthusiast so attending this golf match was kind of on his bucket list.  He is routing for Europe.  I'm excited to go too, but I'm joking with my friends... I tell them to watch for me on TV while the match is on (Sept. 26, 27, 28).  I'll be the lady in a Canada Red shirt holding a sign that says "Eh, I should be home Quilting!".

I may or may not post while I'm away.     I'll be back on October 1.


Kathy said...

I'll be watching for you as you trudge the long grass during the Ryder Cup. So different from our manicured golf courses! Enjoy Mert! You too Gail. 😃‼️

Anonymous said...

Have fun! I'll be looking for you on tv.