Thursday, September 4, 2014

Using (err mis-using) the Pfaff Applique Foot

Do you do this?  Use your presser feet for another use than the one it was intended.  

I have many feet that I use on my several Pfaff machines. In particular, I have used this 6 mm open toe applique foot for everything over the years.  Lots of zig-zaggy things such as satin stitch etc.  But lately, I love it for top stitching.  Most, if not all of my small projects have some sort of top stitching on it.   

This foot has red markings which I use for eye-balling where I want my stitching to be.   And the center opening is exactly a quarter of an inch.   That means that if I use the edge of the inside of the foot as a guide, and leave the needle in the center position, I will get a nice one eighth inch top-stitching detail.   

When I do zippers, I find that one side of this applique foot rides nicely on the zipper tape when doing the stitching.  Even as can be.   


Anonymous said...

Great description of this foot. Much appreciated.

momto1 said...

Who knew??? Thanks for the 1/4" tip. That's really going to come in handy!