Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Can you Fly and Knit?

Do you recognize frogged yarn?   I've started this little scarf three times  It's a knit along project on Ravelry.  This yarn is very fine mohair but I'm using larger size 5.5 needles.  I thought it would be a great project to do while watching TV and also to work on on our up coming trip to the UK.    But I can't seem to get beyond the first dozen rows.  It's a simple pattern but I keep ending up with extra stitches and I can tell the lace pattern is not developing the way it should.  I could be rusty..  Hmm... Or Maybe I need to concentrate and not watch TV until I have the pattern down.     

Does anyone know if you can take knitting on an airplane?

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Anonymous said...

Gail, my sister takes her knitting on the plane all the time. She is a sock knitter, and has no problem with security in airports. Jeanne Kaye