Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Judy's Wallet - completed.

Judy S. was in my test class in early August.  If you recall, I was working out the kinks in this new wallet class that I'm teaching.  Because of a family appointment, she couldn't stay for the last bit of the class.  She was so close to being done and I knew it would not take her long to finish.   Well, she came over today for some light guidance and she completed the wallet in no time flat.    Isn't it beautiful!   It looks like a "Maritimer's Fall" wallet as the greens transition to other colors.    

I've added this photo to the rest of the class photos that I posted here.   And I'm pleased to say that 100% of the students have completed their wallets.   I'm hoping the to keep the 100% going when I teach this class in November too.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Judy! And I so love the Fall collors.