Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Picklin' is done!

With such a busy month of August, I just got around to making pickles this week.  Earlier in the week, Linda H. gave me some giant cukes from her garden.   I made her Lady Ashburnham pickles, which are now not only a "Fredericton Favorite", but also favorite in this house.   Less sweet, few ingredients.  Easy Peasy.

Also, over the weekend, I picked up some small cukes, peppers and onions at the farm vegetable stand and made my sister's bread and butter pickles.   We run out of those every year.  It's a simple one day recipe.  No need to soak overnight.  Just three hours.  So we chop in the afternoon, and bottle in the evening.

Today, with 3 leftover giant cukes from Linda H. I made this fabulous fresh Cucumber Jelly.  It's eaten with cream cheese on a cracker.  It's so fresh!!   When I look at my blog hits, I seem to be getting tons of hits from Pinterest.  My daughter used to buy cucumber jelly from a vendor at the craft markets.  Then the vendor stopped coming to the market.  After a bit of research and asking around, this recipe came from one of our senior quilt guild members who wrote the details from memory on a scrap of paper.   It's delicious.   Linda H.  I have a bottle for you.  Thanks for all the cukes his week.

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Linda H said...

Woohoo! Thank you! I have 12 day crock pickles underway now...