Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gifty items for the Cotton Mill Guild's Fund Raising Auction - Day 8

Well, our guild's silent auction and pot-luck luncheon is tomorrow.  I'm bringing a guest to our meeting.   I'm excited about that because Willa is a quilter and will love to socialize with the other quilters.

So my last gifty item that I made, is this sock monkey that fits perfectly over a Tim Horton's medium size coffee cup.    This little guy, while small, seemed to take me forever to finish this week.   I was compelled to make him despite losing my size 4 knitting needles and having to borrow some.  Then I fussed over buttons for the eyes, and ended up making a special trip to Fabricville to get some...  But he is done now, just in time.    I love his little tail.     Eek, I just realized I forgot to make his ears.    I will do that now.... He will have ears for tomorrow....teeheee
Anyway, don't you think this would be a perfect gift for a hockey mom or dad.   When I walk at the rink on the weekends, there are so many parents there watching the kids.  And most are drinking a nice cup of Tim's coffee to keep them warm. 

That's it folks.   Maybe I'll see you at the guild meeting tomorrow.


Calicojoan said...

I love it! He's just too darn cute!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

It is just adorable.