Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oh, Scrap!!

Seems like I've been sewing like mad for weeks now.

Well, it's all coming to an end as Christmas approaches and we prepare to head south.   I had Caitlin and Grace here on Sunday.  We were doing some Christmas gift making.   We took a break and the girls helped me search in my sewing room for two missing button hole cutters.  In looking for the cutters, we pulled out some bags of scraps that I had under the sewing table.    I was all excited after our last FQG meeting, where we talked about organizing and preparing scraps, but today, in pulling out my bags of scraps, that it's too overwhelming.  I thought, it's time.  Caitlin and Grace poured through the scraps and took a whole bunch home, and here are the rest.   Out they go.   Today is Garbage Day!!!

It's going to a fresh start tomorrow.    And I'm glad to have my the space under my sewing desk back.  

We didn't find my button hole cutters.    The search continues.


Teri said...

You could take scraps that you don't want to your local Senior Center. They really appreciate them.

Kathy said...

I Understand! 🎅