Monday, December 15, 2014

Oh, Fudge!!

Don't you just love getting an unexpected gift.   I dropped into a sewing day at a nearby church where some girls were finishing up their wallets from a class that I taught a week ago.    We had just too many in the class and these few girls were so close to being done.   I dropped in to help guide them through the last few steps.    Voila, they  had their wallets done in no time.   

Just before I left, they gave me this gift for dropping by to help them out.   It's a box of Heidi's hand-crafted home made fudge that was hand dipped in milk chocolate.  Oh my, it was the smoothest and most delicate fudge ever.   Have you had it?  It's available at this time of year at craft shows and the market.  Heidi's fudge is on the "New Brunswick's Fine hand-crafted Gifts list".   Well, thank you girls.    The fudge is gone now, as I write this.   My husband and I enjoyed every last morsel.  


L Bourque said...
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L Bourque said...

You demonstrate such kindness and generosity in so many ways. Looks like you did it again as it is evident the ladies appreciated your gesture and were able to offer you such a delightful treat.

Kathy said...

I was so tempted to open the box and test it for you...! Thanks for all of your help Gail. I work better with visuals rather than words. And...what Lucy said is so true.😊