Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pencil Pencil Case

I just love this little pencil design pencil case.  Instead of using scraps from the Oh Canada quilt, I decided to use batik scraps from some wallets I made recently.    The front of the pencil case is now done.  I stitched in the ditch using black thread to accentuate the lines of the sharpened pencils.   I just love the contract of the rustic osnaberg cotton next to the fine batik fabric.

Next, I will machine quilt the back of the pencil case before putting it all together.  I'm not sure what to quilt on the back, so I'm thinking on it.   I'll show you the finished pencil pencil case in a few days..

Stitch in the ditch with black thread.
Love the subtle detail that it brings out.

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Donna Peters said...

I love this... its so cute, quaint and fun...