Friday, April 22, 2016

Home Sweet Home to a new Pfaff

We've been home for almost a week.   While it's nice to be home, it's a bit overwhelming getting back into the swing of things.   But we are in the groove now.

One thing I was really looking forward to getting home to, was a new sewing machine.  This sewing machine will replace my old Pfaff embroidery machine.  I've been testing it and playing with the machine and the software.   I'm trying different stitches on it, and I can see I'm going to love it.   It has a bigger throat, and an additional bright light in that will be appreciated.

One thing that was noticeable immediately, was that there was no manual presser foot lift.   You have to press a button to lift it.   I see this on many newer machines now.    After sewing an hour on my new machine, I can see that it's something that can be overcome and I'll get used to it quickly.

This week, I attended our FQG guild's quilters yard sale this week.   What did I find on the $5 table,... a Pfaff seam guide foot that I didn't have.  I'll have to find a good application for it.  Seams so useful.  (get it... Seams, Seems)

This weekend, I'll try the embroidery function of my new Pfaff Creative.   I have a cute sewing themed design, that I'll test with.  Stay tuned!

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Linda H said...

Another new machine?! Wow!