Friday, April 8, 2016

My Kumihimo bracelet

I really enjoyed making my first Kumihimo bracelet.  This was a kit from Beadaholique.  They sent the braiding cord, beads, a spiral clasp and instructions.      I've strung the eight strands of cord.     And wound them on the bobbins.   Now I'm all set to braid as I watch TV.  

 I'm surprised at how quick the braiding goes.   After about an hour, I have 7 inches of the beaded braid done.  

While watching the video to make the bracelet, they recommend to clip a weight to the braid.   

I didn't have one, so sewed a little bag, slipped 20 pennies in it, and attached this little curtain clip to it.  Worked perfectly for me.      

Good thing I'm doing this in the USA, because as you know, pennies are scarce now at home. 

And Voila.  I'm pleased to show you my bracelet.  I've worn it for the past few days and gotten lots of compliments on it.   Now, it's all the rage here in the community and I know these beaders love to have a fresh catch.    Well, they caught me.  

Now, on to stringing beads for my trip-home project in the car.

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Donna Peters said...

how fun. I have one of those thingies.. but its square.. and I have no clue how to use it!