Friday, April 29, 2016

Six Quilted Zipped Bags

I've been thinking about the six St. Anthony's Quilters all winter.    They've been meeting every Wednesday at the church working on the Blue Bell quilt.   While they are hand quilting around the frame, the choir practices their wonderful music.   Half way through the afternoon, they break for tea and a sweet snack.   They love the social visit as you can imagine and it's a great activity to drag you out through the winter.

I have been planning a visit with them ever since we got home... I wanted to bring them something. After some thought, I decided to make them each a little pouch, which is one of my new favorite small projects.    I've been working on them all week and my new sewing machine is getting quite the workout.  I've added some beads for the zipper pulls to give a bit of sparkle.

The girls all carry their hand quilting supplies in various containers, but now, they can carry them in one of these stylish but cute batik quilted bags.    

I had my visit with them yesterday.   They loved them!   


Sandi said...

What a lovely gift to bestow on these ladies. I'm sure they will treasure them for many years!

Donna Peters said...

you are so thoughtful!

Stevey Lupo said...

Can you please tell me what pattern you used?? These are amazin

Mari said...

Love those bags. Like really really love them. It's so nice of you to think about them and they liked it, I'm sure.