Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wide Open bag

I was at the Sussex Quilt Show a couple of weeks ago.  I saw the unique Wide Open bag that Gail F. made.   I had seen it on her blog here, but when I saw it in person, I knew I had to make it.   

Well it happens that I just got a package from Pat at Heartfelt Quilt Shop in Florida.  And what was in the package...among many things,  was a kit to make the Open Wide bag.   It's like serendipity.   I love when that happens.  

I really enjoyed the different techniques in making the bag.   I used Annie's Soft and Stable for the first time.  After pre-quilting it with fabric, cut out the pieces and sew them together, add a zip and bind.     The bag is firm and I know it will hold it's shape.     The pattern has three sizes.   Pat sent me a kit to make the medium size, but with the leftovers, I was able to make the small size too.   I found the small size was quite tedious to do.   I'll stick to the medium size. :)     

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Dollandesign said...

I like your bags very much!