Sunday, October 30, 2016

Zip it up Pattern by Annie's.

In the box of kits that Pat sent, many of the patterns are by Annie's.   So this is the third or 4th project that I've made from Annie patterns in the past few weeks.   I am getting to understand how she writes her patterns. The patterns have similar layouts etc.   

I had worked on this Zip it up bag by Annie's earlier in the week.  This pattern makes a nice size brief for your patterns and notes etc.   It's a complicated pattern, but if you know me, you know I love a challenge.   This project has four different zipper techniques in it.   I loved discovering how to use the new Annie's Zipper by the yard.  In this kit, there was a meter and a half of zipper and four zipper pulls.  One zip pocket on the outside cover, two in the inside, and one zip that closes the brief.  
  I like the finished project but it took immense concentration to get each of the zippers installed correctly.     I was stumped by the zip that closes the brief.   After looking at it for a few days, I figured it out... It turns out I had installed the zipper tab backwards.    

It was an easy fix once I caught on to the problem...(wink)


See the cute little bag in the back.
 It's  made it out of the leftovers from the kit...
I couldn't resist.

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