Wednesday, October 25, 2017

An Alligator Wallet and a Teacher Gift

I'm tidying up my sewing room.   Like many of you, I have partly made projects.    This week I finished up two small projects that have been taking up valuable space on my ironing board. 

Aurora mentioned to me that she would like to give her teacher a pencil case gift for Christmas.   I asked her to write a note and put it on my sewing machine, so that I wouldn't forget.    So I stitched the pencil case and it's all ready to bring to her next time we visit.   I love it when a kid enjoys giving a gift.

 I'm playing with different wallet fabrics again.   I couldn't resist this red alligator plastic leather... pleather.  It was quite thin so I figured why not.   Sure enough, one of my kiddos, has claimed it...   I'll give it to her in her Christmas package.   

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chrisknits said...

Wonderful finishes! Why is it so hard to finish things up sometimes?