Monday, October 30, 2017

Simply Stitched Table Runner

By the first photo, I'll bet you can tell what I'm doing this morning.   Binding.     I taught a class to the Oromocto Quilters Guild on Saturday.   The class was about free motion quilting on your home sewing machine..   Its a very satisfying class to teach.   It wasn't very long before the participants were all just stitching away at various designs.    

It was a lovely day with these girls, and while I did a bit of stitching for demonstrations, it wasn't very much.   Well, that night, mind kind of stitched all through the night, if you know what I mean.  

Yesterday morning, I woke with a plan to scratch my stitching itch, I whipped up an easy and simple table runner out of 4.5 inch batik blocks.   It wasn't long before I was doing some simple stitching.  After finishing up all the stitching, and squaring up, I prepared the binding.   The binding would wait until today.   It's one of my favorite parts of doing a project.

I'll use this runner as a sample when I teach my next free motion class.    Next Saturday!
I'm adding my binding to the back. 
Then I'll stitch down with my Pfaff Bi-level foot.
  I love binding with that foot.    . 

I love the gentle curved effect.  This is the orange peel design.
Not much marking is needed.
Just a dot to note the middle of the square.

This is the overall look of the runner.I chose medium fabrics.
 I tried to do a random placement of the squares. 
It is sort of random, but there is a non-obvious pattern.
Do you see it?

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Margaret Clouston said...

I love it Gail. I made a simple Halloween runner with a charm pack but of course, it's not quilted yet. I think I might try that pattern on my runner. I was just looking the other day, at the sample patterns I have from the "Quilting on a Grid" class you taught at Holly's a few years ago! Perfect timing!