Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Presenting my ABC Quilt

I'd like to present to you, my ABC quilt.   The pattern is by Janet Stone.   It was a block of the month program by the Quilt Show a couple of years ago.  It was quilted by Andrea Renick.

It's been hanging in my closet waiting for the quilting to be done.   I saw Andrea Rennick's freehand quilted quilts at the Keswick Quilt Show a couple of weeks ago, and I knew that's what I wanted for this quilt.    Andrea finished it in record time, and left me some little surprises in the quilting.   So far, I've found the spider, the kite, and the dragonfly.  I love my curly little sheep.   Last evening at the guild meeting, she said "Did you find the Cat?"  It shocked me.  There's a cat in my Quilt?   I thought I had all the little "Easter Eggs" so I was surprised to know that there is still a cat hidden in my quilt.  Today, I'm looking for the little cat and it has still not revealed itself.  If you spot the cat, don't tell me where it is.  I want to find it myself.   

Thanks Andrea, for the fantastic job on my ABC quilt.      Here are some closeups for you to see the fun details..

See the Dragonfly

Curly Sheep

Spider and webs

Woodgrain and Happy Trees

The quilting around the Q look like little q's.
Happy Sunshine and Sheep

The Kite with a looooong string. 
 I also love the plaid quilting in the block.


Margie Clouston said...

I didn't get a chance to tell you last night, but, your quilt is beautiful! I love it and Andrea's work is outstanding. You must be sooo pleased with it.

Donna said...

I am beyond impressed your beautiful quilt! The quilt and the quilting... bring it down with you so I can find that little kitty!!

Kathy Anderson said...

Beautiful quilt and quilting also!!!

Andrea R said...

The final pictures are amazing - such a fun quilt to quilt too! If it helps, the cat is a kitty face. I got home the other night and realized I forgot to mention the kite too but glad you found it. :)

Kathy said...

Gail your quilt and the quilting are STUNNING! Hope you will bring it tomorrow!

Linda H said...

It is lovely Gail, and Andrea did an awesome job quilting it too!

Connie said...

Your quilt is beautiful Gail! So pleased you decided to have it custom quilted, it really suits the quilt and Andrea did a wonderful job. She sure put a lot of thought into the quilting.