Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Slightly Modern Baby Quilt

Again, my friend Margie made a baby quilt just like this one over a year ago.  It's a slightly modern pink/grey/black colors with a traditional chevron design using half square triangles.  I just loved it when I saw Margie's and thought the next baby girl quilt I  make is going to be like this one. 

I finished up this baby quilt this week.  It's for a colleague of my daughter.  She's having a baby girl in early April. There will be a staff baby shower in March and since I won't be here in March, I thought I'd better make it now.  Isn't it cute.  I have a little leftover bit of flannel from the back, so I thought I'd make a tag blankie or two to go with it. 

Do you see my little label?   I have been using them lately, but in the past, I have felt kind of shy to put them on my projects.  In the last year, I seem to have gotten over my shyness and have used them a lot this year on small gifts.       I'll be ordering more labels soon.  Maybe I'll try a different color this time.   


bargello said...

Love it! Did you make this since Friday??��

Margaret Clouston said...

Looks great Gail. Love the labels. I want some!!

Donna Peters said...

Love this.. very modern..