Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mis-using my quilting tools again - To Make a Pie

It's the day before our big Christmas dinner.   The turkey will be in the oven early to be ready for our mid-afternoon feast.   So that means my pie has to go in the oven 1 hour before the turkey.   To save time in the morning, today I've made Gesine's famous lattice top pie.  I will freeze the crust until tomorrow. In the morning, peeling the apples and assembling the pie will take about 10 minutes to do.   My little race will be to get it all assembled before the oven heats to 425.    We'll see about that.

You've seen me make these Gesine pies before, but what makes it easier now is using time saving tools.   The most important tool is my see-through quilters ruler.   It's actually a broken 18" quilting ruler that I couldn't bear to part with.   It snapped off years ago and is only 10 inches long now.    But turns out it's perfect for cutting strips for my Gesine pie.   I'm also using a pizza cutter like a rotary cutter to glide along the edge of the ruler.   All this makes the pie crust strip cutting so easy.   Gesine eyeballs her strips and cuts with a big knife.  I tried that with less success than she... the master of evenly cut lattice strips.

My old quilting ruler has a brand new importance and has a special place in my kitchen drawer now.    If you ever need to borrow, you know where I am.   

It's weird to see my quilting ruler
in with all my pie making dirty dishes.


Kathy said...

Hahahaha,a good quilter will improvise!atta go Gail. Will miss you when you are away,so,blog often!

Lee said...

Haha - ever the problem solver!