Sunday, December 10, 2017

Presenting my Kitchen Sink Quilt

This quilt has been pieced and hanging in my closet for some time.   I  did a check on my blog to see if I mentioned it anywhere and found a reference to piecing it in 2010.   So it's about time it was finished.   Andrea Rennick from quilted this for me.  She did a fun freehand flower motif with fun curls and leaves in the borders.   This is the third quilt she has done for me this fall.   I just love the freehand style of quilting.

Well, everyone loves this quilt.  It's from the book Scrap Basket Surprises.  My sister loves it, and my daughter loves it.    But this Kitchen Sink quilt is staying in our newly revamped spare bedroom.  The kids are loving the new quilt, the new TV, and the new headboard.   It's a very cozy (non-crafty) room. 


Donna Peters said...

I just love this quilt. I have looked at it hanging on your wall for a few visits, and have taken pictures of it.. and admired it... and now... its AMAZING. The quilting is just the icing on the cake!!

Lee said...

I don't believe that the room will remain "non-crafty"!!

AnnieO said...

Kitchen Sink is a great quilt! I made one years ago that I gave to my uncle by marriage when he had cancer. He thanks me for it every time I see him!