Friday, June 8, 2018

More Quick Finishes.

I just love this little Dresden thread catcher.   My friend Diane gave me a sweet pair of kitten scissors... I was using them by my sewing machine to snip threads.   But they kept disappearing.    I thought, I need a better place to keep these cute little scissors.    It wasn't long when I thought of the sweet Dresden thread catcher to replace my old one.    See the little bar that is sewn in to hold the scissors.   I just think it's sweet.


Aurora will be done school soon.   For her teacher who has helped her so much this year, I made this screen bag.     Teacher lug stuff every day to and from school.   So I think she'll love to get this as a year end gift from Aurora.  

Seems like everyone locally is making bargello runners.   Well, after seeing some others, I got the urge too.   I pulled these batiks from my stash.   It was a fun and quick project to make and I love the striking pattern.   I have a new coffee table and if this was seven inches shorter, this would have looked great on it.       No problem, I'll make another using slightly smaller strips.       

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Kathy said...

You are too much!
Great projects. Auroras teacher will get so much use out of this bag,for sure.