Thursday, July 30, 2015

Enter, But Beware!

This sign is going up soon on the Sewing Room door.  
Can you tell I'm expecting non-sewing visitors?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

What to do in PEI when it's cool?

Well, our little week-long vacation with Aurora is over.    We prepared to visit with my sister and her family in PEI for a few days.   As you know, we made Aurora's Mermaid outfit before heading to PEI.  With the left over bits, we made a doll outfit.  She helped.   

Mermaids, posing..

These are some of the things we did in PEI
She loves a pool.   While the weather was cool, the pool was heated.
The trick is to stay under the water to stay warm!
She was soon joined by friends and had a great time.  

Of course, no trip to PEI is complete
without a trip to the Cows Store.

Uncle Terry brought kites.   In PEI, there
is wide open spaces to fly a kite.  That's her little
cousin in the green shirt.  Chasing the kite tail.. So fun for Kids.

At the Boardwalk, there's bouncy
It was 4 minutes of Awesomeness that
Aurora won't ever forget.  She loved it.
She said next time, She'll do flips.
Well, the weather was cool in PEI this year, but that doesn't stop kids from having fun.   
Beautiful PEI, we will be back.  

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Are Mermaids Real?

"Are mermaids real Aurora? "  That's what I asked her since I had never seen one.  " Of course they are real Grammie.  I've seen one at the lake".     

The talk today was all about mermaids because we made Aurora a mermaid outfit.     She helped me by measuring and pinning.    

Now that's a big tail.   Aurora is helping
to put pins in both sides of the tail.
I will do the stitching.

After a couple of fittings, here she is.
Mermaid Aurora with her new tail and top.  
You know, mermaids have a unique set of problems.    This mermaid has to lift her tail to her knees, and then walk like a penguin to get anywhere.   That's why mermaids prefer to swim.   Way easier!!!    

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Basketry 101

Yes, I made a basket.   You know, it's not just anywhere you can learn to make a basket.   I took an EdVentures class yesterday.  With permission of the instructor,  I took some pictures as we went along.
After marking measured marks on the reed, we started by
weaving to the right size.  

This is Lisa F.  She was the awesome instructor.

Next we added finer reeds to lock in our shape.

Now it's time to turn the sides up.  

It's getting exciting now that we see the shape.

Weaving 7 more rows give it some color.
This was the hardest part.  Turning in the ends.

Lisa had special tips tools to help turn in the darn ends in.
Worked great!!

Another of Lisa's tips to hold the rim.  Zipties.

Voila, my beautiful basket.  It's small - maybe 5 inches by 8 inches.
Perfect for quilting notions.

With the beginner class behind me, I'm  up to do this
Market Basket class when there is enough for a class.
It's beautiful. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Do you have a Feathered Friend?

When participants of my free-motion classes finish up, they always tell me what they really want to do next.   You won't be surprised when I say they want to do Feathers.   After giving it some thought, I've decided that as a follow-up class to my Quilting on a Grid free-motion class, I will be offering a Feathers, Swirls and More class.   
This morning, I stitched up a feather sample piece that will be used in the class.    I'm kind of excited. See, I'll be delivering my first class is this Thursday to a small group of friends who will help critique the class and offer constructive advice on timing etc.      

I'm anxious to call them my fine "Feathered Friends". 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Gardens and Flowers

The warm weather is really nice.   I've been getting out really early for my walks.    We have been up to our necks in home maintenance.  We stripped the deck both at home and at the cottage and applied water seal.   That sounds so easy, but it's a blistering job.   Sore hands and knees from all the scrubbing.   Today, we're painting our deck.  Coat 1 done.  Tomorrow it's coat number 2.     

Our little vegetable garden is doing well.  We have lots of the tender green lettuce. Mescalin Mix...  I have some to give away if you want some.  Just let me know and I'll pick you some or come for a visit and you can pick your own.   We are anxiously awaiting the yellow and green beans.    We have lots of tomatoes growing on our patio.    I have a secret garden of blackberries that are going to be ready to pick in a week or two.    Looks like a bumper crop coming.   

For our daughter's wedding last year, we did some new landscaping, and we our new cone flowers are budding and blooming like crazy.   Love them.  

Friday, July 3, 2015

AA toZzz Borders

I'm pleased with the progress of the borders.  (Once I set my mind to it.)  I've got a good start on them.  They're on my ironing board, waiting for me when I get home from our trip.

I just love the bottom border.   The Sheep are jut sweet.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

While I'm in Iceland for Canada Day, I hope my sister is camping somewhere with her Canada Day Quilt.   Won't she be the popular one!   

Happy Canada Day!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Packing for Cooler Weather

You must think I've fallen off my rocker.   But it's true.    Today, we are packing to go to Iceland.   We leave in a couple of days.   We have been talking about visiting Iceland for a couple of years.   To celebrate our milestone birthdays this this month, we're taking a summer trip.    We are quite excited to go.     Our tour tells us to be sure to dress in layers.  Long sleeve shirts, sweaters, wind jackets, rain gear, and of course your bathing suit to swim in the Blue Lagoon.    I've been looking at pictures and reading about Iceland for a few weeks.   I think we're ready.    These are just a couple of the spectacular sights we will see on our tour.

Thingvellir.  This site is in Iceland, where the spreading plates of the mid-Atlantic ridge come ashore.
This site is in Iceland, where the spreading
plates of the mid-Atlantic ridge come ashore.
Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland. WOW. This looks amazing!!! I want to see it for myself! Checkout for more travel tips and stories. ;)
We will be seeing many spectacular waterfalls
including Gullfoss.

Geysir is the spot in Iceland with the most active hot-springs and geysers. The name of the place actually gave us the word ‘Geyser’. In Icelandic, ‘Geysir’ means ‘to gush’… and indeed that is what they do. This attraction is one of the highlights on the Golden Circle Tour.
We'll be visiting the Geyser.  Iceland's most
active hot springs

Friday, June 26, 2015

A to Zzz Progress

I needed my spare bed cleared off last week.   This meant either I had to sew the components and sashing together or carefully stack and move the blocks in order.   Well, the easier thing to do was to take the 15 or 20 minutes and sew it together.    Now, having it sewn together is giving me the oomph I need to move forward... I just love this whimsical quilt.    

I have the fabric for the blue borders.  A little focused work at the cottage this weekend will get the borders cut and the fused applique pieces prepared.  

I'm going to set myself a goal to have this done by the end of July.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Christmas is Coming

Love the fun summery but Christmasy colors.
I was killing time this morning while waiting for hubby to get routine hospital tests done.   So I walked over to Fabricville.  i walked in the rear entrance, and it looks like Christmas is coming.    They had half a dozen tables set up with Christmas fabrics.    I expect they'll be having a huge Christmas in July sale soon.    

Love these white fabrics with
silver gold and grey motifs.
That's got me thinking about what I might make as my Christmas in July Project!      

Now, that's a good reason to sit down with a cup of tea and do a bit of research.      If you see a "Christmas in July Sew along", would you let me know.   I'm itching to buy some Christmas Fabric!!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

A New Sewing Venue and making another Bionic Bag

The Friday Girls and I checked out a new sewing room venue this week.    It's a bright classroom at the old Marysville Elementary School.  The school is de-commissioned and is now being turned into a non-profit community center, called the Marysville Center.  

The room has lots of plugs, which is always a concern for sewing workshops.     We sewed and talked about what would be needed to make this room attractive for sewers to work in.  There are big cork boards on one wall.  Great for design wall purposes.   There are chalkboards at the front of the class.   Bright windows to give beautiful light.   Windows that open to give fresh air.    A nice place to sew.
We are the first class in "The Sewing Room" at the Marysville Center
Photo taken by Building Manager, Jeff.
Jeff and the other staff were so helpful.

We sewed the Bionic Bag.  This is my second and I love the fabric combination that I chose.  Darker on the outside, lighter on the inside.  Seems to be my style, because that is how I do wallets too.    I bought the fabric in Florida this past winter, just to make this bag.  

Today, I'll be transferring all my thread and notions from the old bag into the new bag.      I will use it lots this summer.

I'll have it packed with the items I use daily, so I can easily take it to the cottage on the weekends.   I have a sewing machine there, and on cool, or damp, or buggy mornings, I like to sew a bit.

Soon I will make the little zippered dumpling bag and the needle case to go with it.

I'll give the first bag that I made to my sister.  She doesn't go to sewing workshops, but I know she'll find a use for it.