Thursday, July 3, 2008

Running the Nike 10K Human Race

Well, my Rogers Juicebag interview/spot has been postponed because the interviewer had a 9am class today. So the new date is July 17th.

Running - So, because I'm a Nike/ipod sport kit user, I received an invitation to run in the 10k human race on August 31, 2008. This race is unique since all runners will unite worldwide and run on the same day.

Now, I've had trouble with my running since mid-March, when my hip gave out while running on the beach in South Carolina. Then, after letting my hip heal, I was just getting into it again, when I went to Nova Scota to be with family, then went right to Newfoundland for Quilt Canada and a short vacation. When I returned in mid-June, I started running again, probably a little too agressively, and I am now nursing a very tender knee. I love the sense of accomplishment after I have done a run, but the for the last 2 weeks, I have only been walking. Fast walking mind you. I still feel the tenerness in my knee. I'm also feeling so stiff. I think it's because I'm not getting the excercise I'm used to. I might try early morning swims a couple of days a week to work out the stiffness... I just don't think I'm moving enough.

So, with this new invitation for the Human 10k, I was a little hesitant to sign up , but I did. My daughter Patience did too, and got a training program to train for this 10k run. The program outlines how far to run on each of 3 runs per week. This takes us right to race day. Also, I joined the Running Room training group and when I see that program, I might participate in that. So I think I'll start training and see where it takes me. I'll try a short walk/run tomorrow to see how I do.

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